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Safe Travelling with Your Pets

Let the Dogs Out! Safe Traveling with Your Pets

Planning to take your pets with you when you go on holiday? Traveling with your dog or other pets can be stressful for both you and your pet. Here's our guidance and important tips you need to pay attention when planning a trip with your pet.

Most pet owners consider their pet as part of the family member, and no one will deny that a trip will be much more fun with all family members together with you. However, traveling with your dog or other pets can be stressful for both you and your pet, especially if your trip happens to be on popular holidays where public places might be closed, including pet clinics and pet hotels around your home.

If you can't find a reliable clinic to take care of your pet and don’t want to leave your pet alone while you go on a holiday, you may consider taking your pet to travel along with you. However there are several things you need to think about when planning your trip. To help you out with the preparation, here's our guidance and important tips you need to pay attention to when traveling with your pets.

1. The basic: pet carrier

The first thing you need is a good and reliable pet carrier. Although some people prefer to let their pets roam free in the car, it’s a lot safer if you actually put them in the pet carrier. This is to avoid your pet from distracting you while you are driving. You will have plenty of time to play with them once you have arrived at your destination. Also put them in a rather cool spot of your vehicle and avoid direct sunlight. If you’re driving at night though, prepare a blanket for them. Give them enough meal before the trip, but not too much as your pet might get car-sick.

2. Train your pets

Although your pet might love being on a road trip with you, traveling for a long time and long distance will be difficult for them. Some pets don’t even like being outdoor which might be a problem. Start preparing them by taking them for a walk around the neighborhood or the nearest park. Then try driving them to a further place. You can try taking a short picnic trip with them. Get them used to the idea of traveling by car so that they won't be shocked by the journey.

3. Deplete excess energy

This might seem cruel but pets, especially dogs, are known to be very active and energetic. Smaller dogs even have the tendency to be hyperactive. If you know that your pet is always running around in your house, you know that you must find a way to deplete their energy somehow. Take them for a long walk before you start your holiday and play around with them. When you’re ready to go, put them in pet carrier and prepare a really comfortable space for them. They will be happy to lie down and snooze all the way to your destination.

4. Pack everything your pets might need

Supplies are important for pets just like for human. You must prepare a first aid kit for your pet during the trip and keep them with you at all time. It also won’t hurt to check the local veterinary clinics listing at your destination just for precaution. Bring their food with you but only feed them while you are stationary. Don’t feed them while you are driving as it can cause them to feel nauseous. You may also pack some snacks and their favorite toys to help calm them down if they get anxious in the car.

5. Safety first!

When you are driving, make sure to put your pet in a safe area so they won’t distract you. You need to focus on your driving and avoid sharp braking and sudden acceleration since your pet can be frightened by this. Also plan some pit stops during your trip to take a break at least every 2 hours. Give some time for your pet to stretch their legs and provide the opportunity for a drink and toilet break. Also don’t forget to check their condition after that 2 hours of driving. When you and your pet are refreshed, you can continue your trip without any worry.

6. And the golden rule...

Never ever forget that your car, even in a cool day, can turn into an oven in a very short time. When you park your car outside during daytime, the temperature inside the car can spike up in just 5 minutes. Many pets and even human, won’t be able to withstand the heat inside the car for a very long time. This can cause a serious problem to your pet which could lead to them dying. Never leave your pet alone in the car.

Traveling with your pets can be a dreadful or exciting experience depending on your preparation. You are the person who knows the most about your pet. So if you are not sure that your pet might enjoy the trip, then it's better not to insist to do so. Find someone who can take care of them or find a reliable pet clinic or pet hotel that can handle your pet while you go on your holiday.

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