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The Basic of Fish Care & Maintenance

The Basic of Fish Care & Maintenance

Fish is unique and certainly a fun pet to have. It’s definitely a different experience than dogs or cats, but still pretty much enjoyable.

Fish is unique and certainly a fun pet to have. It’s definitely a different experience than dogs or cats, but still pretty much enjoyable. They make your house or apartment look more pretty with a cute creature swimming around in an aquarium. Not to mention that you can add different kind of fishes and some decorations to your tank to make things even merrier. We will cover the basic information you need to know when you decide to get a fish, and we will show that it’s actually easy to maintain your pet fish.

1. Choice of Fish and Tank

Those who already have fishes as pets can skip this part. But for those who are planning to start taking fish as a pet should read this. The first and most important part is to define what kind of fish you are going to have as a pet. Your choice at the beginning will shape your experience of having fish as a pet. As the golden rule, stick with freshwater fishes for beginners. Saltwater fishes are more complicated and suited for more experienced fish owners. Starters should go with goldfish or betta fish as it’s considered low cost and easy to maintain.

As the tank itself, beginners should go with affordable glass tanks compared to acrylic tanks. They are easier to maintain and more durable. Bear in mind that the size of your tank should also match the available space in your house. Big enough for the fishes to move around, but doesn’t take too much space in your house. Put your tank on a table and it should be easily visible. The tank will act as one of the decoration in your house.

2. Preparing The Fish Tank

One of the most exciting part about having a pet fish is to prepare and decorate your own fish tank. We are going through a simpler way to set up the tank without the filter. Goldfish, betta fish or guppy can live without the filter, as long as the pet owner are able to maintain the hygiene of the tank and the water. Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • The tank. Clean the base without soap.
  • Small rocks, gravels or rubbles. Wash them with warm water.
  • Plants as decorations. We recommend getting real plants instead of fake ones, real plants can help balance the water ph levels, and it's good for the fish too.
  • Water conditioner.
  • Clean water.


Fish Care & Maintenance - Betta Fish

It’s important to get everything cleaned before you put your fish in the tank. And please avoid using soap at all as the substances from the soap might be harmful for your fish. Just use warm water to remove all the dirts first. Put the plants and other decorations to make things look nicer. Fill the tank with water and finally put your fish in the tank.

When you want to have a more sophisticated fish, or you want to get saltwater fishes, you might want to prepare a good water circulation and temperature system. It’s better to stick with simpler fish and simpler tank for beginners while you learn more about fishes on your journey. Although the water filtering system would require more experience and dedication, it’s not that difficult to maintain it.

3. Feeding Your Fish

One of the most basic food that you can give to your pet fish are the pellets and flakes. Some fish also eat dried worms. If you go to the place where you get your fish, the storekeeper can help you determine which food you should give to your fish. You need to feed your fish at least twice a day and try to memorize how much you should feed your fish. Don’t feed them too much as the food might get wasted and turn into litter, but not to little as your pet should be given enough food to ensure their nutrition, growth and their colors.

4. Cleaning Your Tank

Just like other pets, fish also need some regular cleaning on their living quarter. Cleaning the tank isn’t a complicated process and rather easy to do. Here are the simple steps to clean your tank:

  • Move your fish to another temporary tank or bucket
  • Drain the current water in the tank
  • Wipe the glasses of your tank
  • Refill the tank with new water, add some water conditioner
  • Gently put your fish back to the tank

That’s the basic tank cleaning that should be done at least once a week to ensure that the fish live in a healthy environment. This process helps remove the litter from excess food or the litter we know as the fish poop. Dirty water is bad for your fish as they can easily get sickness or diseases. When you see the water in your tank gets darker, then it’s time for you to do the cleaning.

As you can see, just like handling other animals, the most important part of taking care of fish is their food or nutrition, and cleanliness. As long as you stick to your feeding and cleaning schedule, it is really easy to take care of fish. For medical help, you can consult veterinarians who focuses on treating exotic animals, or specifically aquatic animals.

Just remember that some fishes are not compatible with each other when you put them in the same tank. As you go through the journey of taking care of fish, you will learn about different types of fishes and their compatibilities, the more advanced tank setup or how to actually maintain saltwater fish. 

Fish Care & Maintenance - Aquascape

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