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Pet First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Pet is Important. Here's How You Prepare One!

As a pet owner, it is important to be prepared with supplies and provisions in case emergency situations happen to your pets. Here we will go through the list that you need to prepare as the first aid kit for your pet.

First aid kit for pet is something which is actually important, but tend to be overlooked. Pet owners will usually rely on their past experience, help from friends or the veterinarian. However, as a pet owner, it is important to be prepared with supplies and provisions in case emergency situations happen to your pets. Here we will go through the list that you need to prepare as the first aid kit for your pet.

1. Your pet's doctor information

The first on the list is the most overlooked one. You need the information about your pet's veterinary clinic all the time. Always keep the name and numbers of your usual veterinarian, the emergency contact and the address of the clinic in your mobile phone. This is really useful especially when you are traveling with your pet. Always make sure that you got this covered as the basic so not only you, other people near you can also help you and your pet in case nasty things happened.

2. Gauze and bandages

Scratches, bruises or cuts are the most frequent injuries that occurs to pets. Most pets love to play and run around, while they might have no idea that they might get injured. Therefore we need to have gauze and bandages ready just in case an accident happens. This can be replaced by adhesive tapes, but please don’t use adhesive tapes for human such as band-aids. The purpose is mainly to prevent further injury to the pets, before we can take them to the veterinary clinic. Unless you are an experienced pet owner, it’s always better to let the veterinarian handle your pets’ injuries or wounds.

Pet First Aid Kit - Gauze and Bandages

3. Chemical medicine

Chemicals are used to treat your pets when they are poisoned. For example, milk of magnesia or magnesium hydroxide is used to absorb the poison from your pet, just in case they accidentally eat something harmful. Or you can use hydrogen peroxide to induce your pet to vomit. But since these are chemical substances, please refrain from using them without contacting the veterinarian first. Dealing with poison is considered an advanced treatment and it’s recommended to be treated by the experts.

4. Thermometer

Thermometer is obviously used to check the temperature of your pet. Just like human, a rise in temperature could mean that there is something wrong with your pet. Also, remember not to insert a thermometer into your pet’s mouth. Checking the temperature of your pet must be done rectally. If possible, carry some petroleum jelly with you to help lubricate the thermometer. When you figured out that the temperature is abnormally high, quickly take your pet to the veterinary clinic.

5. Eye dropper

Although the name suggests that it’s used to treat eye problems, it’s actually used for other useful purposes. First, it can be used for oral treatments. You can use the eyedropper to apply medicine directly to wounds. Or, it can also be used to flush the wounds in case the wounded area needs the be cleaned. You can also replace eyedropper with large syringe but without the needle.

6. External pet equipments

When you take your pet, usually dogs, for a walk, you need some external equipments prepared just in case your pet needs to wear them. The example of the external equipments are leash and muzzle. Leash will help you prevent your pet running away from you, especially when they suddenly got excited. Pets running away could lead them to unwanted accidents or even missing if you’re in a really crowded place. While the muzzle is a useful tool to wrap your pet’s mouth in order to prevent it from biting human. But don’t use the muzzle if your pet is vomiting. Quickly contact your veterinarian if your pet is vomiting.

7. Pet carrier

You need to have a pet carrier ready at your home, or in your car if you take your pet outside. If something happened to your pet and you need to take it to the veterinary clinic, the pet carrier is extremely useful to carry your pet without hassle. Or if an accident happened and your pet is injured or unable to walk, put them in a pet carrier.

Pet First Aid Kit - Photos

8. Pictures of your pet

This is not exactly a first aid kit for pet. But taking pictures of your pet and keeping them safe will be useful just in case you beloved pet is missing. You can turn the photos of your pets into leaflets and spread them to your neighbourhood or to the police station. The chance for you to find your missing pet will be higher. The common problem when trying to find a missing pet is describing them to the other people. Pictures will obviously solve this problem.


There are lots of other important things you can add to your pet's first aid kit. But these items are the most important and most frequently used. You need to have them ready as soon as you have your own pet. Remember, no one can predict when accidents might happen. Knowing about the first aid kit and how to use them properly will help you be prepared to react quickly in emergency time.

Pet First Aid Kit - Must Have Items

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