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7 Myths About Rabbit

7 Myths About Rabbits

There are some misleading information regarding rabbits. Especially the information about their diet, their living space and how to interact with them properly. Here we will discuss the popular myths about rabbits that you hear from time to time, and the truth behind them.

Rabbits are well-known for their charm and cuteness. They come in such an adorable size, fun to watch, fun to play with, and look extremely cute when they are eating. They make a great pet when the owner has limited space and prefer a rather quiet pet, since rabbits don’t make a lot of sounds like dogs or cats. However, there are some misleading information regarding rabbits. Especially the information about their diet, their living space and how to interact with them properly. Here we will discuss the popular myths about rabbits that you hear from time to time, and the truth behind them.

1. Rabbits are low maintenance pet

Some pet owners believe that maintaining a rabbit as a pet is cheaper than having a dog or a cat. This is not true since rabbits require more delicate care. From taking care of their living space to paying attention of their diet. Their housing needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. Pet owners should also prepare freshly cleaned food and fresh water all the time. And it’s absolutely not recommended to give them withered vegetables as it could harm them. Rabbits have rather complex digestive system, which make them prone to illnesses. Therefore, make sure to always provide fresh food for them.

2. Rabbits don't need veterinary care

It’s true that rabbits don’t need to vaccinated like dogs, but they still need a veterinarian to look after them regularly. As stated above, rabbits are rather prone to illnesses and injuries, ranging from diarrhea to a deadly cancer. Sometimes it’s rather difficult to notice their change in behavior when they are sick, because they can disguise their weakness very well. Their nature as prey animals forced them to stay strong despite suffering to an illness or injury. Therefore, rabbits still need to be taken to the veterinarian at least once a month for regular checkups. And it’s a lot better to take them to the veterinarian who specialize in rabbits. Need help finding the right veterinarian? Check out our guide on how to find the right veterinarian for you HERE.

3. Rabbits love to be cuddled

Rabbits look extremely cute, especially the chubby ones. It’s difficult to resist hugging or caressing them. But beware, rabbits need to be handled properly and carefully. They actually don’t really like to be picked up and carried. While they enjoy small interactions, they might try to protect themselves if they feel threatened, either by biting or scratching. To make things worse, if rabbits are mishandled on a regular basis, they might develop a rather aggressive behavior. Pet owners should pay attention on how to handle rabbits, especially when they have children around them.

7 myths about rabbit

4. Rabbits are happy to stay outdoor

We do love seeing bunnies hopping around happily on the grass like on TV. Although it’s true that they can stay outdoor, but it’s best to keep rabbits as indoor pets. First and foremost, outdoor rabbits are often easily forgotten and neglected. Pet owners might leave them outdoor and go to work and doing their daily activities. But be careful, rabbits who stay outside are easily exposed to extreme weather, fleas, parasites or even predators. Rabbits could die from heart attack when they see a predator approaching, even if the predator doesn’t actually attack them. So it’s a lot better to house the rabbits indoor, raising them as one of the family members.

5. Rabbits do not need much attention

In conjunction with the previous point, it’s also wrong to address rabbits as an independent pet. Some people believe that it’s enough to provide a safe, indoor housing while supplying them with enough food and water. This is totally not true since rabbits need to be looked after regularly, probably several times a day. It’s also better for them to eat different food, not just grass or vegetables over and over again. Sometimes it’s good to give them pellets in between grass and vegetables. Moreover, it’s important for pet owners to schedule the visit to the veterinarian and stick to it. Great care and attention will contribute greatly to the long life of the rabbits.

7 myths about rabbit

6. Rabbits are rather dirty and smelly

All pets that are not taken care properly would get dirty and smelly, not just rabbits. That’s why it’s important to clean their housing and litter box regularly. Once they matured, it’s suggested to spay or neuter them. Not only it will help keeping their living quarters clean, but also help them live longer and healthier. This will also reduce the risk of infection in reproductive organs.

7. Rabbits love carrots

Probably most of us grow up with an image that a rabbit or a bunny loves to eat carrots. We might even remember the famous catchphrase “what’s up doc?”. But the truth is, Bugs Bunny is probably the only rabbit who loves to eat carrots that much. Rabbit's favorite food are green vegetables and grass hay. Pet owners should be able to provide either one of these daily for the rabbits. If you can provide both, it will be even better. But please don’t leave your beloved pet with carrots only.

Rabbits’ popularity as a pet is growing, although still not as popular as dogs or cats. Like all pets, rabbits need to be handled with care since pets are meant to be taken care by us. If you want to know more about rabbits and other pets, don’t miss the 4th Indo Pet Expo 2018. It will be held on September 7-9, 2018 at Hall 3 and 3a, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Indonesia. See you there, pet lovers!

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