Visitor FAQ


Can I bring my pets?

Yes, you can! All kinds of pets are welcome at Indo Pet Expo and all pets get free pass! However, we have a set of safety rules and regulations that all visitors must follow to ensure everyone and all animals are safe and protected. Please see Rules & Regulations page to view the full list.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?

Yes, tickets will  be sold at our ticket counters on-site. We do encourage all visitors to get their tickets online at, you can skip the long queue and enjoy a hassle-free visit to Indo Pet Expo!

Can I buy tickets online?

You can get our tickets today through our ticketing partner at this link:

Through online purchase, you can pay using your credit cards or debit cards.

Does my child need a ticket?

Children below 4 years old get free entry. We also provide student’s price for kids from elementary up to university students, all you need to do is provide your student’s ID card when you buy your ticket.

What can I find at the event?

You can bring your pets and enjoy a fun day with fellow animal lovers, meet new friends, and learn something new!

You will find a lot of things at Indo Pet Expo. There will be animal welfare groups with animals up for adoption, exhibits from various animal lovers communities, and a complete showcase of the latest products and services from our exhibitors. You can learn directly from the experts about animal welfare and caring for animals, and also participate in various contests and competitions along with your pets!

How many visitors are expected to be at the event?

Last year, we hit a record number of 27,000 visitors. This year, we are expecting more visitors as the number of pet ownerships continues to grow while more people are getting more aware of animal welfare issues and animal care.

Will there be pet facilities for my pets to defecate and urinate?

We will provide pet toilets in several spots around the expo. Accidents can happen, but don’t worry, we will also have a team of clean-up ready to help you out. We’d like to remind all visitors who are planning to bring their pets to be a responsible pet owner, and help us keep the expo area clean.

I can’t come to the event. Can I get a refund on my tickets?

We are sorry that you can’t make it, but tickets that have been sold and confirmed cannot be refunded.

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