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Science Diet


Rich in fish oil and nourishing fatty acids.
Hill's™ Science Diet™ Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe dog food gives your puppy precisely balanced nutrition to build immunity and digestive health. It is made with high quality lamb meal to ensure availability of key nutrients and with clinically proven antioxidants for better overall health. It has optimal levels of Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a radiant coat.


VitakraftVitakraft Cat Liquid Snack can be served alone or as a topping on primary food to increase acceptance. This Cat Liquid Snacks is low in calorie as well sugar free. Vitakraft Cat Liquid Snack comes in three different flavours: Salmon & Omega, Chicken & Taurine, and Duck & Beta Glucans.


Bayer Indonesia

Di Indonesia, unit bisnis Bayer Animal Health memasarkan produk-produk unggulan untuk kesehatan hewan kesayangan seperti: Drontal Plus Flavour for Dogs, Drontal Cat Tablet, Baytril Flavour Tablet, Kiltix, Bayticol, Advocate Dog, Advocate Cat dan Seresto.


Blue Sky Biotech

  • ANTIMEDIN (Antagonist)
  • MEDETIN (Sedatives)
  • VITAMIN 34 – INJECTION (Vitamins – Minerals – Amino Acid)
  • HeartGold Tablet
  • HeartGold Chewable


Sales and support for veterinary medical device such as clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer and Urine Analyzer.


MyloMylo provide various pets beds and cages made from synthetic rattan which is safe, odoreless, and easy to clean.


Saki Hikari Color Enhancing - pakan harian untuk ikan koi juara yang memberikan tambahan warna agresif dan pertumbuhan superior. Dihasilkan dari bahan berkualitas premium yaitu spirulina murni yang mampu meningkatkan warna dengan jelas tanpa dampak negatif pada "Shiroji". Kandungan "Hikari-Germ" (probiotik) meningkatkan efisiensi pakan dan menjaga kualitas air.


ME-OPersian cats have long hair coat that predisposes them to hairball problems when they swallow hair during grooming, to prevent this problem, Me-O Persian Cat Food incorporates a special fiber that continuosly promotes the safe passage of swallowed hair through the digestive tract thereby reducing the risk of hairball formations.

  • Special formula is formulated to lower the risk of your cat contracting Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)
  • Proprietary blend of oils high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to bring out the luster and softness of your cat's hair coat
  • Supplemented with the essential amino acid Taurine, critical for visual acuity in cats
  • Contain highly digestible fiber to maintain a healty digestive system.


PT Global Spirit Intesa

Anigen Rapid Diagnotics Test Kit adalah alat uji cepat secara kualitatif dengan metode immunochromatografi assay. Anigen diproduksi oleh BioNote Inc Korea yang berdiri sejak tahum 2003 dan merupakan salah satu pioneer dalam diagnosa dibidang veteriner.

BioNote Inc. memberikan solusi inovatif dan kreatif untuk meningkatkan kesehatan hewan dengan cara menciptakan berbagai alat uji cepat ataupun ELISA dan PCR untuk meningkatkan diagnose. Produk BioNote telah memiliki ISO 9001.


Tunas Daya VeterinariaHerbafit All in One Supplement

  • Meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh
  • Meningkatkan napsu makan
  • Mempercepat penyembuhan
  • Meningkatkan metabolisme tubuh
  • Mengurangi bau feses


ProPlanPRO PLAN Puppy and Kitten with OPTISTART are complete and balanced dry pet food made for kittens and puppies with various breed sizes. The first year of your pet’s life is crucial to their long-term health, which is why feeding them a nutritious food can be so beneficial. To help support puppies’ and kittens’ natural defences for an optimal start in life, PURINA vets and nutritionists have developed PRO PLAN with OPTISTART, which contains colostrum found in mothers first milk. Colostrum is proven to support immune system and protect our young pets from common intestinal upsets. Get your free sample in PRO PLAN booth!


CP PetfoodCPPetfood terus berupaya memberikan solusi dan pilihan bagi pecinta hewan kesayangan. Untuk anjing dan kucing tersedia produk baru: Nature Bridge, Kitchen Flavor, dan Nory (kualitas super premium dan premium). Hiro Premium Koi Food dan Osaka premium fish food memberikan kualitas pertumbuhan & nutrisi yang seimbang untuk ikan kesayangan anda. Dua hal yang menjadi fokus utama: kualitas dan rasa.


WhiskasThe world most leading Pet Food companies with product of Whiskas, Pedigree, Sheba, Cesar, and Catsan.


Smartheart(SmartHeart Adult)

Adult dogs require complete and balance nutrition that meets their requirements to maintain good health and condition. SmartHeart adult dog food is formulated to meet adult dog's requirements using the best quality ingredients and supplemented with fish oil (rich in DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid) and lecithin (rich in choline) to help enhance brain and nervous system function and promote heart health.


ECOSANDEcosand is a self generating biological filter system for Fish pond or aquarium. Natural sand that has been harvested from nature and cultivated by Ecosand converts ammonia from fish waste into nitrogen that is circulated around the pond and aquarium thus resulting in crystal clear and odorless water quality. Having a fish pond and aquarium will no longer be a chore or hassle of routine cleaning and changing water instead it will be an enjoyment to your everyday life as you will have a maintenance free fish pond/aquarium.


Hubby RosePositive care is premium skin care products for all pets. The active ingredient Goldshield allows persistent residual antimicrobial ability over any surfaces; including wound, skin and accessories. It provides up-to-24-hour protection over skin and speeds up the healing process of infected areas.


Mind Up CorpKENKO CARE Finger Toothbrush brushing using the thumb and index fingers. Both the front and rear sides of a tooth can be scrubbed simultaneously by pinching both fingers together. Even if your dog does not like brushing, he/she will quickly become accustomed to brushing gradually with this product that allows brushing as if just touching his/her teeth. It can be used by the right hand, left hand, or even both hands simultaneously.


PetlineThe “Canet Chip” series is the first dry cat food made in Japan, and very popular with cats and their owners. Cats love its great taste, kibble size, and crunchy texture. Also the functional ingredients helps maintaining the health for cats.Natural dietary fiber supports the digestion of food.Taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, keeps cat’s eyes healthy.


Starsia AsiatamaOur products such a booster energy for puppies and kitties, booster intestine and rehydration, and they are from France and the company name is newborn animal care. Beside that, we also have rattan bed for pet, and vitamin for the adult one. If you need for antistress vitamin, you should looking for us.


Pets IDPets.id adalah aplikasi terlengkap untuk segala kebutuhan hewan peliharaanmu. Di sini tersedia lebih dari 2,000 produk pilihan yang mencakup Pet Food, Pet Accessories, Grooming Tools sampai ke Pet Insurance. Tinggal klik, pesan, dan kami antar. Tidak perlu repot ke petshop lagi!


Raja Pet ShopRaja Pet Shop merupakan importir produk-produk Pet & Aquarium berkualitas terbaik dan terkenal di dunia seperti Addiction, Wishbone, Imac, Kis-Kis, Kennels’ Favourite, Pro-vet, dan lain-lain.


PT Mega Utama Medica

  1. Laboratorium Product for Vet
  2. Nutraceutical Product for Vet
  3. Consumable Veterinary Product
  4. Dental Unit for Vet



Reef Octopus memiliki variasi produk terlengkap untuk protein skimmer yang diakui oleh para pelanggan dan professionals sebagai produk berkualitas tinggi.

Bubble Magus memproduksi berbagai jenis alat aquarium laut yang ekonomis, berkualitas tinggi dan memiliki performa yang baik. Bubble Magus memiliki variasi produk dari protein skimmer, pompa, wave maker, filter dan masih banyak lagi.

Maxspect merupakan inovasi lampu aquarium laut rumahan dan juga public aquarium.

Red Sea menyadari pentingnya solusi bagi kestabilan air dalam aquarium sehingga berbagai produk addictive dikembangkan oleh Red Sea sehingga pecinta aquarium laut dapat menciptakan ecosystem yang stabil dalam aquarium mereka.



NeoviaNeovia - Pet Food Indonesia have a complete range of product adapted to all market expectation.

  • Super Premium product is represented by Ciclos, brand for Cat and Dog. Ciclos cat hve different product according to cat age.vCiclos dog have different product according to the size of your dog, large breed or small and medium breed.
  • Premium Product for Dog is represented by Must brand, a range for small and medium breed dogs.
  • Premium product for Cat is represented by Minino Plus, a leader brand in Mexico also well know in Indonesia.
  • Standard product for Dog is represented by Ganador, leader brand in Mexico, different product according to dog age.
  • Standard product for Cat is represented by Minino and Blisk , more brand choice for more variety!
  • Economic product for Cat is represented by Minino Tuna, nutritively delicious !
  • Economic product for Dog is represented by Fibs, Best price & Quality.

For any further information please meet us to our booth or contact us directly to office.


RWD Life ScienceRWD Life Science, established in 2002, is one of the leading global providers of lab research devices and veterinary equipment. RWD is dedicated to innovation in the fields of veterinary anesthesia, veterinary ventilator, veterinary surgical instruments and veterinary dental instruments, which have been widely used in domestic and oversea market. Today, RWD’s products and services have been provided in over 80 countries and regions, including U.S.A, U.K, France, Germany, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and etc. Inspired by the needs of our customers, RWD is keen on providing good quality veterinary device, bringing health care within reach.


FrontlineFRONTLINE PLUS – Truly the best thick and flea control!

Frontline Plus and Spray offer control of ticks and fleas, killing up to 100% of adult ticks and fleas on dogs and cats within 18-24 hours. And with an added ingredient to kill tick and flea eggs and larvae, FRONTLINE Plus completely breaks the life cycle of these dangerous and annoying pets.


SingenSINGEN Care Professional Pet Nutrition: Gastrointestinal Formula, Calcium Supplement, Pet Milk Powder.


Agras Pet FoodAgras Pet Foods was established in 1986 with the objective of delivering to pet food compartments the same quality, care and attention given to food for human consumption. With the brand Schesir, in 1999 it was the first to launch a natural single-serve pet food on the European market and today is still leader of the natural wet food segment. Schesir in fact means continuous innovation in developing new flavours and formats: for example, it was the first brand to launch single-portion, wet products with 100% natural ingredients and also the first one to integrate real pieces of fruit into its feed line, instead of using mere extracts, acknowledging the particular added benefits.

Here are the plus of our wet wide range:

  • With 100% natural ingredients
  • Without preservatives and colorings added
  • Careful selection of the very best parts of the fish and meat, steam-cooked and hand-processed.
  • The tuna is caught in the open sea and belongs to not overfished species
  • Cruelty-free: no tests have been carried out on animals during any production phases.


For more info: www.schesir.com
Contacts: Agras Pet Foods, via San Vincenzo, 4 – 16121 – Genoa – Italy
Email: contact@agraspetfoods.com



NoskNosk is nasal filters that gently slip into the nostrils to help block and stop the substances that irritate and aggravate such as hay fever, pollen, ultrafine particles, iron ore dust, smog and more improving the quality of air that you breathe. Virtually invisible to those around you, a thin translucent plastic strip holds NOSK securely in place. Whether you are jogging, mowing the lawn, or just enjoying nature, now you can do the things you enjoy without sneezing and coughing. NOSK's comfortable and ergonomic design coupled with its demonstrated performance makes it an ideal alternative to existing allergy and asthma solutions on the market today.





Dwi Putra Niaga

 - Frost Super Premium Cat Food mengandung semua nutrisi yang dibutuhkan oleh semua jenis kucing supaya tetap dalam kondisi prima. Kombinasi unik dari Frost membantu mengeluarkan hairball dan memperbaiki metabolisme lemak dan menjaga kesehatan saluran urine pada kucing.

- Bravo premium adalah Dog Food yang mengandung protein dan lemak yang baik untuk pencernaan dan juga mengandung condroitin dan glucosamine untuk persendian yang sehat.


Happy Pet

Happy Dog Supreme Mini – Mini Adult Africa (with Ostrich and Potato) menggabungkan daging burung unta dan kentang untuk membuat resep yang unik. Daging burung unta merupakan sumber protein yang sangat langka, sehingga ideal untuk anjing yang alergi makanan. Kentang tidak mengandung gluten apapun dan direkomendasikan untuk hewan yang alergi gandum. Nutrisi asam lemak omega-3 dan omega-6-penting bagi kesehatan kulit dan bulu yang mengkilat tersaji dalam resep eksklusif ini. Kroket (kepingan makanan) yang ekstra kecil disesuaikan sempurna dengan gigi ras kecil.


Jakarta Koi Centre

Kami menyediakan ikan koi khusus dari Jepang, dan kami juga menjual segala keperluan koi dari obat-obatan sampai dengan perlengkapan ikan koi.

Kami juga membuat merchandise koi dan juga melayani pemeliharaan ikan, pembuatan kolam dan penitipan ikan.

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